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WiFi finder, the most flourishing application of this year, is getting mixed reviews lately. And reportedly, the WiFi hacker software failed to yield desired results. But that shouldn't be the reason you are writing off this application in a hurry as, reportedly, it has a huge success rate close to 96%. While most applications of this kind comes with an astonishing price tag, the WiFi finder is being given away for free. The paradoxical nature of the working applications being given away for free and the "failing-to-work-as-it-claims" applications coming with a price tag is still mystical. We have already seen a dozen of applications based on the WiFi hacking concept, hitting the internet market, staying there for a day and bidding adieu the next day. But WiFi finder has been lurking around for a while now, as people have been successful hacking WiFi networks using this application. It is understandable the recent criticism the WiFi finder application attracted for not living up to the expectation.

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Too much of incoming traffic, in an attempt to break into the WiFi network through this application, has crossed the threshold of the server and crashed it. It took the creators of the application about 3 days to replace all the servers and get them up and running. These 3 days have been a cause of concern for the users of the application as they were dependent on the WiFi finder for free access to data. However, the crashing of the servers, due to enormous amount of users using the finder at the same time, was inevitable and the replacement was done as soon as possible once the crashing was identified to have happened. Replacing 100s of high configuration mainframe computers is a serious problem, very hard to tackle, and the creators have done an unbelievable job replacing them in just 3 days, which testifies how much the creators of the WiFi finder, cares for their consumers, even though the application is just a freeware and is not bound to offer any customer support as such. Sustaining the degree of consistency expected of the WiFi finder, when it comes to hacking WiFi passwords, was relatively easy as almost 96 people out of 100 reported this application to be working. Unlike many of those exorbitant amount charging applications which more often fails to work as it claims and couldn't quite justify their price tags, WiFi finder quite justified and its just a matter of 3 days where the application went missing. The creators of the WiFi finder left out a apology letter on the application's official website for the application's unavailability for those 3 days. Anyone who could understand the situation would think it is unfair to blame them for they did their best to make WiFi finder working again in a very less amount of time. Even the critics who acclaimed this WiFi finder didn't discard the application just because it went down for quite some time. Rather the WiFi finder application was promptly supported by these critics and were enquiring the creators as to when will the WiFi finder be available again.

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